James Griffin Whiskey Club – Whiskey Wednesday’s

“James Griffin Whiskey Club”  Whiskey – an intro: Some Historians claim that 19th Century Irish ( and many American) distillers added the “e” to “Whisky” to distinguish them from the sub-standard Scotch Whisky that was flooding the market at the time. Irish Whiskey is whiskey made on the island of Ireland. The word “Whiskey” is […]

James Griffin Pub, Weekly Entertainment Guide

At the James Griffin Pub, your entertainment is our priority. Check out this week’s entertainment guide and check out our new Whiskey Wednesday slot brought to you by our new “James Griffin Whiskey Club” Wednesday 4th – Whiskey Wednesday’s at the James Griffin Pub The James Griffin Pub brings you on a journey of discovery with our […]

Meet The Team NO, 9 AND 10

Meet the team  9 & 10     Meet the Team 9 & 10 Daire Lynch joined the Team in 2016 and has quickly moved from table service to bar service … and is proving to be dynamite behind the bar, juggling multiple orders and covering multiple bars a bit like his performance on the […]

Cocktail’s of the Week 21st August!

We’re Coming to the end of Summer Folks, and with the tail end of this Hurricane hitting us and the the ever looming doom and gloom of early school mornings why not drink away the dread and spend this weekend in our Summery Beer Garden with our Summer Inspired Cocktails! The Cocktails of the Week […]

New Touring Tap @ The James Griffin

This week at The James Griffin we’ve had a couple of new additions to our already excellent selection of Beers on Tap!! First off We are now stocking Smithwicks Pale Ale, It’s lightly hoppy aroma is met with hints of Caramel and the taste is sweet with a hint of bitterness in the after taste, […]

Cocktails of the Week, August 14th

The Cocktails of the Week are…. “The Lemon Sherbet” Lemon Vodka, Lemon Juice and Lemon Bitters!! It tastes exactly like a sweet!!! “The Lyzhi” Lychee Puree, Lemon Vodka, Creme de Casssi, Orange Bitters!! It’s new and exciting!!! Try our ‘Tails now for €7.50 all week long!!!!!

Cocktails of the Week!!

Our Cocktails of the Week! This week due to last week’s popularity we have another of our Quarter Sweet inspired Tails, “The Rosie Dew” – A take on the classic Apple Drop Apple Sours, Vodka, Cloudy Apple Juice and Fizz!!! It’s light and zingy!!! And following that up we’ve a more simple classic, with a […]

Table Quiz

Salmon of knowledge table quiz promises to be good fun and craic this upcoming Thursday Night at 8pm.  

Cocktails of The Week July 31st

This Week’s Cocktails are Inspired by our Sweet Jars here At The James Griffin…. The Blue BonBon is…. Blue WKD, Vodka, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice and Blue Curacao. It’s exactly what it says on the tin and tastes just like the sweet!!! The Kola Kube…. I’m Sure you’ve guessed, It’s a classic sweet and now […]