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Are you into your gin? Well don’t worry because at the James Griffin we’ve enough Gin to last two whole nights in with us! All our gins are served with Fever Tree or Schweppes Tonic Water and garnished with Juniper Berries, Fruit & Strawberries. Of course, all our Gin drinks are made right before your very eyes to give you the full experience of what it is you are drinking.

We strive to quench your thirst, and these Gins will have you wanting more and more.

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth Gin from original has been distilled in Southern England since 1793, using the same blend of six exotic botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol.

BEEFEATER – Beefeater London Dry is one of the world’s best selling gins, distilled in a traditional London Dry style. Beefeater has a remarkably clean flavour, with a bold juniper character that is balanced with strong citrus notes, making it a great gin to enjoy with the tonic of your choice.

MONKEY 47 – Monkey 47 is an eccentric, pure gin distilled from 47 predominantly unusual, but regional botanicals, such as lingonberries, and blended with spring water.

GIN MARE – Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavoured with four principal botanicals. Alongside juniper, cardamom and citrus, these different botanicals create a strangely arresting gin: you’ll know when you’ve had a Mare

HENDRICKS – Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature from the heart of Scotland consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world over. No other gin tastes like Hendrick’s because no other gin is made like Hendrick’s

THE LONDON NO. 1 – The London Gin has a variety of traditional botanicals including cinnamon, orange root and angelica alongside less-common ingredients like gardenia and bergamot, which explains its distinct aromas of Earl Grey tea.

BULLDOG – A delicious English gin made with poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaves, citrus, almond, lavender and various other botanicals. This is four times distilled in copper pot stills, and Bulldog had the highest rating ever received by a gin from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It was also voted a Top 50 spirit!

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE – The selection and balance of Bombay Sapphire’s 10 botanicals is based on a recipe that dates back to 1761. Presented in its distinctive square, blue glass bottle, Bombay Saphire is made from triple distilled neutral grain spirit that is heated and passed through the botanicals in its vaporised state. Add pure water from Lake Vyrnwy and the result is a refreshing, distinctive, clean Gin with an undeniably distinctive taste.

DUBLIN CITY GIN – Part of the new breed of Irish gins. Dublin City Gin offers up all the classic juniper, citrus and spice flavours you would expect along with a subtle hint of rhubarb.

DINGLE GIN -We use, amongst other botanicals, rowan berry from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather for a taste of the Kerry landscape. It’s a formula unknown elsewhere and is calculated, amongst other things, to create the sense of place and provenance. The spirit is collected at 70% abv and then cut to 42.5% abv using the purest of water which we draw from our own well, 240 feet below the distillery.

GUNPOWDER IRISH GIN – The Gin that everyone is talking about.

TANQUERAY NO.  TEN – The High Class Gin

OLD CARRICK MILL GIN – This Gin hails from the town of Carrickmaccross in Co. Monaghan. There is an old saying from the area which goes ‘ from Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen, there are more rogues than honest men.’ It stems from an incident where a young man was up before the local Magistrate for being drunk . When questioned, the man man claimed that someone had slipped some whiskey into his tea, to which the Judge replied ‘from Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen, there are more rogues than honest men.’ Patrick Kavanagh immortalised the saying in a later poem. This Gin is named after the incident and poem from Kavanagh, who was from Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. 

SARABANDE – Made in Faugeres in the south of France by wine makers Paul & Isla Gordon. Black pepper and wild local juniper are infused in the liquid during distillation after which lemon zest, wild local mint and thyme are added to the botanical blend. Beautifully balanced with black pepper its identifying characteristic.