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San Miguel now pouring…

The world renowned San Miguel Lager has been recently added to our fine array of taps here at the James Griffin.

San Miguel is a beer brewed by the Mahou San Miguel company, the leading and most international brewer in Spain, who produce 70% of Spanish beer consumed worldwide.

The company dates back to 1890, where the foundation of Hijos de Casimiro Mahou took place in Madrid. San Miguel was added to the company independently in 1956, with its first Brewery in Lleida. Also founded in 1890, San Miguel was originally founded in the Philippines. In the 1940s, Mahou started to produce the product but it was in 1956 when they established the first official San Miguel brewery, the Spanish selling rights were spun off and the company was renamed Mahou San Miguel.

So why not come down and try a pint of this refreshing lager…

It is sure to get you going…

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